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Jun 27, 2013

Just wanted to check in - have been quite busy this summer.  I have been harvesting both my zucchini and summer squash for almost two weeks.  We are at the point that I will need to start freezing some for winter.  There are blooms and small cukes, tomatos, beans, eggplants and peas starting. The carrots are growing.  My sweet potatoe plants looks like they are growing well and it looks like the onions will need to be harvesting soon.  I am astonished at how well and how easy this has been to grown and maintain raised beds when they are done properly.  I wasn't super happy with the screened top soil I started with due to the local rock content, but I believe that added addition minerals to my ground. The mushroom soil I bought locally was the key ingredient and my plants grew well and strong and started producing earlier than I imagined.  Have to say, I am very tickled with my garden and can't wait to add additional beds this falll to have room to include garlic, leeks, potatoes, asparagus, brocolli and also start a lettuce bed.  Eventually I plan to have the garden edges along the pasture fence filled with 20' x 1' long raised beds for strawberries.  One step at a time.  Oh yeah - my blackberries look great also, can't wait to pick them!

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