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Sowing it Forward

Jun 21, 2013

School is out!  The Highland Youth Garden hosted over 150 students from Highland Elementary School in the garden from April to May.  The students planted lettuces, spinach, cabbage, radishes, kohlrabi, potatoes, peas and edible flowers.  They also recreated an Ohio prairie in the hoop house.  The students were able to taste the radishes before the end of the school year and begin to help with the planting of the summer crops.

Columbus Board of Realtors held a work day in the garden in June and built a new grape arbor and we are hoping to plant concord grapes this year.  We have started an 8 week summer program focusing on in depth information on plants, water and soil, insects, birds, ecological systems and community services.  We will have over 300 students from The Columbus Bilingual Academy, The Dowd Center, J. Ashburn, The Freedom School, Holton Recreational Center and Hilltop United Methodist Church.   Each student has a 50 page journal where they will learn about growing, harvesting and how ecological systems work together.  They will also be able to record weekly plant and insect observations.

We have hosted 10 Strader Plant Center donation days.  Strader's donates plants to the garden and we give them t o community gardens and individuals all over Columbus.  This year, we have received tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and lots of annual flowers.  During these days, we have also given planting, harvesting and nutritional information to everyone who picks up plants.  It is because of these days that we have begun a partnership with the Columbus Fire Department to help them incorporate gardening into their youth prevention programs.

On June 29th, we will be hosting an event in the garden for the community and everyone who has received some of the donated plants.  We will have educational sessions on plant health, harvesting, recipes and preserving the harvest.

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