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Growing Community at Highland Youth Garden

Jun 28, 2014

Cabria and Sir moved to a house behind the garden over the winter.  At first, they were very shy about coming to the garden as they had never seen or been to a garden.  Slowly, they would come over and ask some of the gardeners what they were doing and what everything in the garden was.  Two months after they began coming to the garden, we have to walk them home after every work session because they love being in the garden and do not ever want to leave.  We picked all of the remaining broccoli today and had to take it to their house because Sir was eating all 2 lbs of it stating that he loved broccoli!  causing us to worry about how much broccoli he should eat at one time.  We then turned around and he and Cabria had picked all of the ripe raspberries and blackberries and by looking at them you can see what happened with today's harvest. They know what most of the plants in the garen are now and love to try anything that we grow.  They have become the best anbassadors for the garden in the neighborhood.

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