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Guerrilla Gardening: Use the tools you have!

May 10, 2012

Every Gardener needs a tool box. Maybe it’s in a traditional container but maybe it’s in a caddy or on a belt with compartments. For a Guerilla Gardener, it’s like their mess kit or their pack. It carries what you need with you all of the time. Sometimes they are simple techniques and strategies you use to understand your allies and your enemies, most of all they are tools you develop by getting to know yourself and what works for you. You will build your own kit but there are some things you might want to start with:

Activity-The Guerilla Gardener wants to be fit, able to move with agility and flexibility and with some endurance for longer battles.

Sleep-Good quality sleep is a powerful weapon.

Planning-strategy is important for success.

Nutrition-Good quality food gives you the energy you need.

Communication-It is impossible to negotiate a peace settlement without good communication.

Using your mind-Developing problem solving skills, understanding emotions and positive thinking strategies will ease your journey.

Resources-Remember to look for them, they could be anywhere.

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