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Maggie & Lots of Children Learn How to Garden and Eat Healthy While Giving

Jun 30, 2014

Thank you for the KGI grant which built our starter worm farm at Yampah Mountain High School in Glenwood Springs and helped in building the Children’s Learning Gardens in Rifle, Colorado.

This is 3-year old shining star Maggie whose efforts have infected others because of her dedication, know-how, love of gardening, and hard-work ethic.

Maggie has participated in 14 work sessions, building ten self-wicking gardens and two keyhole gardens adjacent to the Rifle Middle School, has planted the children’s learning garden at the Rifle Library, and helped veterans plant nine areas that the vets take care of and donate to children in need among the 70% of children on free or reduced school lunches in Rifle. The worms/compost we’ve raised have been of particular interest to Maggie and all the kids involved.

Next week, we at Growing Food Forward will begin teaching all phases of gardening and healthy eating to three “Boost Camps” per day, two days per week, to first graders through middle school, in the gardens Maggie helped build. The food from those gardens will go to children participating in the program and they will be taught healthy recipes to take home with their fresh organic produce.

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