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Thank you from the Grow Green Garden!

Jun 28, 2013

The Grow Green Garden in Rochester, NY has had a very busy and exciting spring and early summer. The grant we recieved from Kitchen Gardeners International made it possible for us to purchase and create several things that have been on our wish list for some time now- most notably, our brand new sign! While our garden has been a prominent fixture in the neighborhood for some time now, we've never had a sign out front that fully encapsulates all that we do! One of our dedicated volunteers, Allen, donated his time and carpentry skills to design and build a beautiful sidewalk kiosk sign that not only prominently displays the name of our garden, but also features an enclosed information board where we can post information for the community, about things like volunteer days, markets, out events, and more. We constantly have new neighborhood folks stop in to ask about the goings-on in the garden, and are very excited to be able to broadcast that information to the public in a more consistent and visible way!

The Sow it Forward grant funds also made it possible for us to get supplies to build several fantastic sandwich boards, which we painted with chalkboard paint and take with us to the farmers market to let the shoppers know what we have available each week. Additionally, we were able to purchase several really nice, super long non-kinking hoses, which have made watering our garden MUCH easier.

The youth in the Grow Green program  participate during the school year via their involvement in the after-school club at the community center we are connected with. Our garden was started five years ago when the vacant house on the lot across from the community center burned down, and the idea was sparked to transform that empty lot into a garden that would provide youth and community memers with hands-on learning experience. Our group this year had a fantastic spring of getting the garden planned out and planted- through one of our other grants from the Farash Foundation and the help of many fantastic community volunteers, we were able to build and fill twelve brand new raised beds this year, which has more than doubled our garden's production! We sell the produce and plants that we grow at our youth-staffed booth at the local farmers market every Tuesday evening and the market  season has started off strong. Several of the Grow Green-ers will continue throughout the summer at the farmers market and with regular garden tasks, but we are also very excited to welcome to the garden this summer twelve brand-new youth who will be working with us through a Summer Youth Employment Program called Grow SouthWest! We are looking forward to a summer of expanded participation and fruitful bounty, hard work and fun, and are very grateful to the fabulous supporters and funders who have made it possible for us to grow with leaps and bounds in the last few months.

For more information, please see our website!

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