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Garden of Plenty at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School - Spring Update

Jun 04, 2014

Samad learns to plant a seed.

Samad’s class came out to the garden last week to plant cilantro. We talked about growing the ingredients to make tomatillo salsa next fall when they returned. I reminded them that they would have to make sure to attend the Harvest Fest, an open house for families in the fall, where the salsa would be served. I passed out the cilantro seeds and the kids started making holes in the garden bed. Samad wailed “I’m not good at planting cilantro!” His classmates responded by showing him how to put his finger in the soil to make a hole. I told him that in fact, he was good at planting cilantro, he had just never had that experience. He hugged me and asked a few questions about how the cilantro was going to grow. After his class left the garden, he came running back, breathless, “When are we going to have the cilantro again?!” I reminded him of the Harvest Fest. He has a lot to look forward to!

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