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Pass it forward...Sow it forward

Jun 24, 2014

How do you pass along the experience, will, determination, love, and excitement for what you do on to your children?  "I want to be a fireman like daddy when I grow up," my children say.  "And a basketball player."  There is great glory and excitement in being a firefighter and basketball player, but where is the glory in being a farmer?  It's dirty, sweaty, smelly at times (at least when I take a whiff of myself), and hot. "How could you do this everyday?," someone once asked me.  "I do it because I love it!"  I do it because it's a manifestation of Christ in me.  The glory comes from God, to God, and for God.  Here at Freedom Farm Community, there is a connectedness with the earth when we tend to it.  There is a connectedness to life when we plant a seed, and there is a connectedness to God's people when we share the harvest with those who don't have access to or can't afford fresh produce.  It's hard for my boys to see the true glory that surpasses the richness of firefighting or bball.  Sports and playing is their main focus.  I'm always happy and proud when they help in the garden (which isn't often) and I don't want to force them.   If we have enough moments such as planting this peach tree in the children's garden and the Spirit so moves, they will one day say, "I want to be a farmer like daddy when I grow up."

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