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Winter Greens at Peninsula School

Jun 10, 2014

During the Peninsula School Farm to School Project in Gouldsboro, Maine, many students had new expereinces and tried new greens. This is the story of a student from the Peninsula School. One of the 180 students that came out to Mandala Farm to harvest the greens that they had planted in the fall. Before she came in the fall, she had eaten lettuce at home and at school. However, she had never seen a lettuce seed or realized the difference in seed shapes and sizes. Now she planted those seeds among mustards, radish, beets, and spinach seeds. After a long and cold winter she returned to the garden to see what was growing. To her amazement, where the tiny seeds were planted, grew tall lush greens of many sorts. She wandered the garden and tried new greens. She discovered that she really liked spinach and the adventure of pulling radishes out of the earth. She was able to pick some of the greens and wash then and bring them home to her family. The greens were also served in her school. She was proud of the results of her work.

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