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Glanville Tower Apartments Sows it Forward

Jun 30, 2013

This spring the senior residents of Glanville Tower Apartments in NE Kansas City, Kansas received a brand new raised bed vegetable garden thanks to a Sow it Forward grant from Kitchen Gardens International. The Kansas City Kansas Housing Authority (KCKHA) had given a group of residents’ permission to use part of the lawn area to make a vegetable garden and grow their own fresh food in this downtown food desert urban area. With the funds available we purchased a load of garden soil compost to fill six 4 ft x 12 ft cedar beds from Kansas City Community Gardens-MO (KCCG-MO). The beds were assembled by volunteer Master Gardeners (MGs) with power tools, and then filled with soil by Youth Corps Volunteers from the local Douglass-Sumner High School. The students and residents then planted spring crops of collards, cabbage, lettuce, chard and mustard greens from seeds included in the grant plus transplants from the greenhouses of KCCG-MO.  After enjoying fresh greens all spring the gardeners added tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and okra plants for summer harvests, and the MGs donated herbs and flower seedlings left after their annual Plant Sale. The remaining grant funds purchased light weight hoses, watering wands, extendable handle and ergonomic cultivating tools, straw mulch, tomato cages and organic pest controls to make it easy for the seniors to take care of their plants and beds. The garden looks so neat, tidy and pretty with the broad grass paths nicely maintained by the KCKHA lawn crews that it is drawing lots favorable comments from KCKHA management and other neighborhood residents. I’m sure they’ll be even more impressed when we give them a few ripe, fresh tomatoes later in the summer!  We could not have made this dream come true without the help from all the local volunteers and the funds from Sow it Forward, and we hope to pay it forward by inspiring the residents of other apartment complexes in NE Kansas City to start their own fresh food gardens also.

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