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How Susie Got Her Garden Groove Back

Jun 19, 2014

EarthLinks was honored to receive its first Sow It Forward grant for the purpose of building new raised beds. EarthLinks’ mission is to cultivate transformation and self-worth with people experiencing homelessness and poverty by creating Earth-centered program opportunities. This is an exciting year for EarthLinks - we were able to purchase land for the new raised beds rather than borrowing it as we have for the past 18 years. 

There is one EarthLinks participant who is especially invested in EarthLinks’ new raised beds. Her name is Susie. Susie, like every participant, is paid for two hours of work per week in the garden. However, in preparation for EarthLinks’ move, Susie has come in on her days off to volunteer. When asked why she gives of herself beyond paid hours, she describes a time when she ran a farm by herself with small children and how the new raised beds will let her get back to farming “without the nightmare of working a farm alone.” She said that preparing the transplants for the new Sow it Forward raised beds has helped her to work through the grief she had stored up over the years from losing her farm.

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