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Spring Hasn't Sprung Yet?

Mar 14, 2014
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As I sit here at my computer to write this I've got the woodstove fire going and a blanket over my legs. Yes, it's still cold. Sunny, but cold. Here in Canada's Maritimes the winter has been particularly long which is proving challenging for farmers and growers. Normally we'd have temperatures above freezing in March and so our little seedlings could go outside into the greenhouse for some sunshine during the day, but with the bitter cold we can't and so we're starting to get leggy seedlings in many cases. Has this ever happened to you? Well don't worry. All is not lost. Here's what we do:

We split our seed starting into a couple of different batches so that if something happens we've got a back-up.

We don't, but many people have grow lights that can really help produce good stocky seedlings. Ours are in a very sunny doorway and as soon as we can we'll get them into the greenhouse.

If they've already gotten leggy just remember that especially for tomatoes you can pot them on, that is transfer them into a slightly larger pot or soil block and bury them a little deeper. The stems of tomatoes will produce more roots in the buried section and you'll have good sturdy plants in a few weeks.

I'm sure that although it's -19 here with the windchill today, Spring is right around the corner. And the little extra work we have to do now will pay off for a glorious and bountiful harvest in the warm days of summer.

So best wishes from our family at Humblebee Farm in Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm off to check on the sheep. This is not good weather for lambing but at least the sun makes everyone more cheerful and hopeful for Spring.

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