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The Ruellen- Day Community Garden: Spring Update

Jun 12, 2013

It's been a beautiful and sunny spring here in Spokane, Washington.  We've had a bumper crop of green onions, colorful radishes, the sweetest strawberries, and our bright, curly garlic scapes too!  Not to mention the early tender kale and crisp lettuce.

In fact, we have so many plants in our raised beds, there isn't room to fit everything we've started in flats!  Cabbage, basil, tomatoes, and peppers are all backed up in line in the greenhouse, wishing to be outside.  With the Sow It Forward grant, we were able to sustain our garden by purchasing seeds and potting soil and compost to help get us boosted into the growing season. And boost us it did!  

One of our projects included helping an after school mentoring program grow their own seedlings.  We gave them each seeds and a cup full of soil and at the end of the program they each got to take home their very own tomato and radish seedlings.  it was wonderful to see the children get so excited about their ability to transform a tiny seed into green, healthy plants.

Now the summer season is taking off.  We hired on a summer intern who has been learning and helping in the garden; planting tomatoes, turning the compost bins, and the oh so dreaded task of weeding.   She has been helping us to harvest as well, which we take straight to our kitchen and use to include in our meals for low-income seniors, at-risk youth, and emergency meal sites.  It is incredibly inspiring to take this organic, homegrown, nutritious produce and give it straight to those who can least afford to buy it in stores. 

It's been a  bountiful start to our growing season.  We are grateful for the efforts and support of so many so that we may continue to feed, educate, and inspire our community to be healthy!

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