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World Population & Sustainable Resource Management

Jul 08, 2012

With the World Population Day  (WPD) 2012 taken place on Wednesday July 11 and the fact that the global population reaches 7 biillion, demands for resource & energy consumption as well as infrastruction construction are increasing, and issues with resource depletion, air/water pollution & carbon emission are increasing as well. Consequently resource management to reduce consumption and waste becomes a critical issue for our sustainability on earth.  ISERI & CIEDM are jointly taking actions to respond to the issue and to celebrate the WPD 2012.

On Sunday July 8 we joined the UN Population Fund's 7 Billion Actions campaign by sharing our story to show our support.  On Saturday July 14 ISERI & CIEDM will hold the subject event to raise public awareness of and/or actions for the World Population Day, the issue of population growth & resource depletion, the need for waste reduction, and to receive and disseminate infomation on waste management and sustainability.  We'll attend an all day training sponsored by California Resource Recovery Association on the subject of zero waste business & assessment, and in the late afternoon we'll hold a workshop at Arcadia EcoHome to raise public awareness of the subject. The workshop is a part of a national annual event of Hacienda Heights based Buddha's Light International Association (BLIA). About 40 BLIA members from northern and southern California will attend the workshop with a theme on the subject. The event program is as follows:

  1. 9am-4:30pm CRRA Training on Zero Waste Business & Auditing
  2. 5-7pm  ISERI-CIEDM Workshop on Sustainability & Zero Waste, a ZW event
  • 5:15pm Openning remarks on World Population Day, zero waste and sustainable development & living by Dr. Edward Huang, LEED AP, CGBP, CG-REP
  • 5:30pm Tour of Arcadia EcoHome, guided by Dr. Huang, owner-designer-builder of the EcoHome, a green-rated building with its yard been certified as Wildlife Habitat, Pollinator Habitat and Ocean-Friendly Garden.  The tour includes a visit of the EcoHome's ZW Eco-Station in the rear yard with trash, recycling & composting bins and sheet-composting grounds.
  • 6:30pm Q&A and group photos
  • 6:45pm Adjourn and ZW cleaning


Thank you for posting about your thoughtful efforts. We would love to see photos of the Arcadia EcoHome & EcoHome's ZW Eco-Station . Please tell us what system / link you are using to have the yard *certified* as a Wildlife Habitat, Pollinator Habitat and Ocean-Friendly Garden. This would be a good source of common knowlege for people to evaluate & tune up their home landscaping & gardening. :-)

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