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Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development on World Kitchen Garden Day

Aug 24, 2012

CIEDM will hold a workshop atr Arcadia EcoHome on the subject of "Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development" on August 26 for a 14-person delegation of Environmental Protection Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China.
With the week of August 26-31 being the World Water Week (WWW), the theme of the workshop will be on water resource and water pollution in the context of environmental protection & sustainable development.  With August 26 being the World Kitcchen Garden Day, the subject of urban farming will be also focused. Scheduled at 10 am-12 noon, the workshop will start with an opening remark, an introduction to WWW and a presentation of  "Sustainable Urban Water Development in the US" by Dr. Edward Huang, CIEDM Principal. A tour of Arcadia EcoHome, a green rated building with its yard being registered as a Victory Garden and certified as Wildlife Habitat, Pollinator Habitat and Ocean Friendly Garden, guided by Dr. Huang, the architect-builder-operator of the EcoHome will follow.  Features in water saving and watershed protection for water quality will be showcased in the tour. The workshop will then be ended with a Q&A & a group photo session.

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