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This year- A Potager

Jun 15, 2012

My garden gets away on me. By August plants on paths are taller than the beds. I admit it, I hate weeding them. This year my garden is going in slowly because I am putting in some structure that I'm hoping will help me- raised beds and permanent paths. Raised beds will also help keep the soil from getting compacted, and enable me to put water and nutrients on the plants not the paths. So I thought I would show my journey into this change. Today my before picture. This was taken after tilling. I normally would then rake into beds and rows and plant, but this year I'm going to be getting my saw and hammer out too. Hopefully I'll be able to get all the beds made over the course of the summer and I'll take pictures as I go. Hope you enjoy.


I am looking forward to your journey of good changes. Looking at this *before* photo I am seeing quite a lot of grasses & other plants around your garden area getting ready to go to seed. It could be helpful to mow & compost them before they set seed that the breeze & birds bring over to your new garden & paths ...
You have a nice big flat sunny area - perfect for vegetables.

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