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Webber Knows Where Food Comes From. Do You?

Jul 01, 2014

In the Brick Store Museum's Victory Garden in Kennebunk, Maine, Webber got a chance to help the Victory Garden Committee plant seedlings in three raised-garden-beds. First it was peppers; then squash; next in the ground was onions; and even nesturtiums to keep the bugs away. He was amazed that these little plants made the foods he eats everyday. Though he had seen his mother garden at home, Webber had never had the chance to become a Victory Gardener himself. When he asked where all this food would go after it grew, gardener Leslie Lindgren explained how this food would go to local food pantries to feed many more people! The realization that what HE planted in the ground would become food for OTHERS made Webber very proud of himself, as did all of the volunteers working on this project. As the garden continues to produce fresh fruits and vegetables, it will be harvested on a weekly basis by volunteers like Webber, and shared with those that are often unable to purchase these healthy foods. Wanting to save most of the harvest for local pantries, Webber tried a single snap pea - just to make sure it was delicious for everyone!

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