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Thank You from Breaking Ground of Houlton, Maine

Jun 26, 2014

On behalf of Houlton High School’s newest agricultural program, Breaking Ground, we would like to thank KGI for your generous donation of  a $300.00 check, seeds, garden supply certificate, garden planner software and Mother Earth News magazine subscription.  We were able to purchase the soil block makers and stirrup hoes from Johnny’s Seed Company as requested, and we used the gift certificate to purchase a shovel and a micro greens growing kit.   We ordered other seed packets of the student’s desired crops.  Our items arrived today so that we could begin our projects in our greenhouse.   We appreciate your support with this endeavor, and we assure you that your contribution will benefit our students.  

The members of this class are learning skills to promote a self-sustaining environment, as well as creating their own marketing strategies if they choose to pursue this program further.  We currently have a Facebook page under the nameBreaking Ground at Houlton High School that community members can access if they would like to monitor our progress.  Students participate in planting techniques, community service activities, fundraising for supplies, and attend gardening or farming workshops.  These students sample daily some of the produce they are attempting to grow and research cost efficient methods for their individual projects.  

In spite of our record amounts of snow, we have made significant progress inside of this greenhouse.  Students are transplanting tomato and pepper seedlings, and starting rhubarb, asparagus and onions from seed.  They are planting rows of cole crops according to companion planting guides.  They are starting six-packs of flowers using recycled newspaper pots, egg cartons, and toilet paper rolls.  We purchased 55 blueberry bushes, plum trees, apple trees and pear trees for the orchard.  Since our application, our class has increased in enrollment to thirteen students, with more signing for next year.  On Wednesday, our local newspaper will be writing an article that will include student submissions, our goals, our successes, and photos of our organization.  We just finished with a spring basket raffle fundraiser that raised $175.00.  These proceeds will be used to purchase a wheelbarrow and equipment for our high tunnel.  Our  group tee-shirts have arrived that include our logo symbol for Breaking Ground.  The students have chosen to wear these as their uniform for public relations events and promotional opportunities.

As this project develops, we will continue to promote a healthy diet, free from GMO’s. The students will study environmental factors and our local economy, and participate in the trend of sustainable resources. We welcome ideas and suggestions from our community and contacts.   We thank you for your support and future correspondence.  We appreciate your contribution to our program and for selecting us for this grant opportunity.

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