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Map for Waterline
Jun 30, 2014

For an outsider looking in last year our volunteers were super-human. Watering the gardens involved walking what seemed like a mile around the perimeter of the school fence, going to the back of a neighbor’s house for water, filling and lugging watering cans to a section of the garden and then unraveling 200 plus feet of hose to water another part of the garden throughout the summer.

With this grant we successfully had a waterline run from the school underground 200 feet. The waterline and access point were so well disguised that we were helpless to find the access point until the installer sent us a map. After following the map and pushing aside the woodchips we found it!

This grant was a great gift to the garden and those most impacted were the many volunteer parents who stepped up to prepare and care for the school gardens.

It is amazing how easy access to water can inspire a group of people to double the size of the school gardens. As a result each of the 12 primary classes has its own vegetable garden to plant and experience.

Blue Point Community Garden -- Scarborough, ME

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