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Building vegetable gardens at Nadosoito Primary School, Arusha Tanzania

Jun 23, 2013

Everybody knows that you cant teach a hungry child, nor a sick child. That's why at The Green Living Planet (GLP), we work with some of the poorest schools in and around Arusha Tanzania to help schools to start lunch programmes so the students receive an adequate meal during the school day to help build their strength and concentrate in the classroom. 

After becoming a proud grantee of $300 from Sow It Forward in March 2013, GLP worked closely with its partner school, Nadosoito, to start a lunch programme for the approximately 1,000 students that attend the school which lies around 18km from the town centre and has a predominantly Maasai community.

On 27th May, the GLP team, alongside students and teachers took to the school grounds to mark out various areas to build vegetable gardens via the double digging method. The advantage of this method is anyone can learn to do it by following a few simple steps.  It is also a low cost method, requiring just soil and compost and will therefore be easy for the school to maintain and replicate for years to come.

The team, staff and students built four vegetable gardens around the school grounds and with the seed grant were able to plant a mixture of vegetable seeds including plenty of local greens and spinach. The school has nominated several students to monitor the gardens daily and water as required so they learn how to take responsibility for the gardens and care for them. Luckily, Africa is blessed with sun so we expect to see the seeds flourish and be ready to be picked by July or even before so the students can start receiving daily meals.

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