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New Soil for Grace Gardens helps grow vegetables for foodshelf customers.

Jun 19, 2014

Our grant paid for a portion of the soil replacement costs. The gardens provide fresh produce for our Little Kitchen Food Shelf. a ministry of Grace Lutheran Church in Northeast Minneapolis.  Last year we harvested more than 1,000 pounds to give away to hungry neighbors!

Our photo does not include a person because we don’t usually take photos of food shelf customers, but here’s a fun story:  We do succession planting, and start growing as early as possible in the year (under hoops and plastic to keep the beds warm.)  Here, in the land of VERY late spring thaw, we are able to start harvesting in early June. We brought in a quantity of beautiful spinach and mustard greens, just a week ago. I was working the food shelf morning shift on a Friday, and an older woman approached me at the service table with a question.

“WHERE did y’all get these beautiful greens?! I’ve never seen such fresh greens!” I responded, “Well, we grow those here in our gardens!” “No you DIDN’T!” our customer replied, “Who told you how to grow mustard greens??” I was lost for words – she seemed so serious! Then she giggled and threw her arms around my waist. “I’m teasin’ you. I just love comin’ here.”

It’s our great pleasure to provide fresh produce in the midst of a food desert, where our neighbors struggle to make ends meet in a neighborhood just outside downtown Minneapolis.

Our grant from KGI helped make it possible!

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