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Emily's first garden

Emily and her Mom at the community garden, after planting tomatoes.
Jun 28, 2014

What a wonderful year we have had gardening in South Paris, ME.  Our Friends, Family and Fun 4-H Club has been working with the church youth group to establish and expand a community garden. Last year one of the youth group members, 8 year old Emily was particularly excited and loved everything about the garden. Unfortunately, her favorite vegetable, green beans, were eaten by a ground hog and never produced well. This year, she was first on the scene and ready to plant anything and everything. As part of our community service program, we gave Emily and her family their own garden box. A 3x5 raised bed, compost included. Emily was so excited to be able to grow food of her own at her house. She even said, " I'll share with my garden with my little sister!"  As a single Mom with small children, Deb was pleased with the option of learning to grow their own healthy food, and having her children have the hands on learning experience. Their garden is planted, growing  and the kids are loving it!  We have a picture of them taken at our community garden planting day. 

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