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Handy Tips for First Time Gardeners

Aug 14, 2014

  Gardening isn't rocket science and green fingers are not a requirement. With a little bit of knowledge anyone can breath new life into their outside area, making it more inviting and enjoyable to spend time in. Many modern houses have very small, postage stamp sized gardens but that shouldn't stop you bringing a little bit of colour to this important outside space.

First step is to get some useful gardening tools. You'll need some secateurs, digging tools such as a spade, rake and fork. You'll have to think about how you're going to do the watering of your newly created garden. Do you have the time, patience and energy to make endless trips back and forth to collect water using a watering can? Or would it be more sensible to look at the option of a long garden hose. Finally you'll need a garden hoe for weeding. You could get down on your hands and knees to remove each one individually but using a garden hoe is much quicker and kinder on your back.

As with decorating, preparation is a vital step. Most plants love a moist, well drained soil, and yes we know that's a bit of a contradiction. What it actually means is that it needs to be able to retain water but not get too wet. It should be crumbly and easy to dig. Adding composted manure, compost, leaf mould or a combination of these is the best way to improve any kind of soil.

Annuals are the best type of plant for the beginner. They're easy to grow and readily available. As long as you follow planting guidelines with regards light, spacing, watering and feeding you won't go far wrong. There are bound to be areas of your garden that receive full sun and some that are in shade for most of the day. Most perennial flowers and roses do best if they have at least 6 hours of full sun. When you visit your local garden centre you'll have no problem deciding which plants to buy for which specific growing area. Most nurseries group their plants according to sun or shade requirements. Even trees and shrubs are labelled so you know ones to plant where.

Anyone visiting your home will quickly be enthralled by your initial efforts regarding your garden but it won't be long before their eyes wander upwards and they spot your long forgotten and unloved guttering system. Getting up on a ladder and scrubbing the guttering is not everyone's idea of fun. In fact many people will quake in their boots at the thought of scaling up two floors from the outside and taking charge of their dirty gutters. This is why many new gutter cleaning companies have sprung up in your area. They're experienced and not fazed by working at such dizzy heights. Gutter cleaning professionals can spruce up your guttering and make your home look loved and cared for once more. 

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