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Apr 28, 2012
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We are a family of 5 (Mum, Dad & 3 girls aged 15 & 10 & 7, and Tigger the cat who is almost a year old, soon to have a new member Willow who is just 5 weeks old and coming home in a few weeks,

We love growing our own vegetables and fruit.

Have grown some tomatoes from tiny plants bought from supermarket and just planted them out today into a new plastic green house which took 3 of us about an hour to put together, have 6 tomato plants in grow bags, 6 sweet peppers almost ready to plant into grow bags.  We bought a courgette, cucumber plant and another plum tomato plant and a rhubarb crown too, Oh and some potato tubers to plant up next weekend when we have cleared the ground a bit from the recent rain everything has just grown like mad.

Also bought some seeds to plant soon - carrots, chives, beetroots, parsnips and a FREE packet of tomato seeds - bit I think we will have enough tomatos.

Done enough for today ...

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