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Quaker Community Garden Update

Jun 28, 2013

Quaker's vegetable garden is a true manifestation of Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."  When the seed of the garden idea was planted last August we knew it was a great idea - but we didn't know how it would be funded - and where all of the supplies would come from.   And so, we started asking - and receiving!  We asked the congregation for supplies - and they poured in - seeds, tools, hoses, potting soil and a truckload of aged manure!  Many of the donations were tools that members no longer needed which they "found" in their sheds.  We still needed fencing supplies, and a local farm supply store donated those!  With the receipt of the KGI grant we were able to purchase supplies to make our own rain barrels, and we have earmarked funds for several cooking classes that we are planning to give.


Although our church garden is right in the middle of town, we have plenty of deer and squirrels to contend with.  Our kick-off garden party was held in March.  We raised the seven foot high deer fence and planted the lettuce and peas.  A month later we put in the rest of our seedlings and seeds.  Then we waited for things to start growing!


With the outpouring of gardening supplies it seemed like it was going to be easy sailing once we put the plants in, but, as we know, gardens can be fickle!  We found that our tiny seedlings just couldn't take all of the rain we got this spring - they were drowning!  We were considering purchasing bigger seedlings, but right before we went to purchase them a church member donated a bunch of big, strong tomato and squash plants.  God's timing is good!  


In spite of the rains we were able to donate a bag of sugar snap peas to a local women's transitional living home we have partnered with.  We are looking forward to harvesting more for them later in the summer!


We are so grateful to KGI and the Sow It Forward supporters for helping us help our community - thank you!

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