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Front Yard Vegetable Garden in Spokane Washington 2012

Apr 29, 2012

Last week we decided to dig out a 10 x25 foot space in the front yard for a vegetable garden .

And by dig out, I mean remove grass. This is a big step for us since we don't have that much front yard (grass) to begin with. So we loaded up a sod cutter and my dear husband spent a Saturday morning digging and tilling up a garden spot for me:)

After  a week of picking out rocks , raking and adding fertilizer, the garden was ready to plant! There have been a few rainy days to contend with , but all and all waiting a week to plant wasn't that long of a wait.  

I used the KGI garden planner to get the plant spacing right ,printed it and headed out! I wanted this space to look as uniform as possible because of the gardens location.

Now I have everything planted ,including the hot season vegetables except the pole beans. Our overnight low temps look like they will be staying above 40 degrees for the next 10 days which will bring me really close to our last frost date. I'm gambling , I know, since last year almost everyone I talked to about their tomatoes lost them in a late frost . 

Pictures to come!


I'm glad the planner helped. I've been using it for my own garden and find it really helpful. Do post some pictures when you can.

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