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In ground worm bins

in ground worm bucket
Mar 17, 2014
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I added some in ground worm bins to my garden about six months ago, and just recently started getting my beds ready for some planting of dry season veggies.   Something has definitely improved the quality of my soil, and I can only think it must be the worm bins.....

I didnt have room for a whole three tier system, so just drilled holes in a  couple of buckets and put them into the ground filled with a couple of handfuls of worms a friend had given me.  Here is the story

I am now experimenting  with another bucket on top in order to entice the worms up so that I can harvest the castings to add to pot plants, specifically my tomatoes.  I am growing tomatoes in pots since there is bacterial wilt in the soil.  It seems a shame to have such lovely soil. and yet I cant grow my tomatoes in it.  Hopefully this is the answer. 

I have all sorts of yummy veggies, cardboard, coffee grounds etc in the top bucket, but the worms are not moving up in a big hurry.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


You could try to entirely sink the bucket into the ground and have it completely filled with moist soil which would hopefully get enriched with castings and could be harvested periodically. May be, it's better to feed the biomass trough a vertical pipe into the soil charge but a bucket will probably be too small for this.

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