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Comfrey ointment, pickled ginger and aloe vera

May 10, 2012

Today was supposed to be sunny, and I spent the morning volunteering at our local markets watching the rain drizzle down...  By afternoon it did seem to be clearing, but after I armed myself with mozzie spray and lit the mozzie coils the rain came down in earnest.

No worries mate!  I am not going to let the rain get me down!  I have had a couple of things up my sleeve that I have been wanting to try, ...

Firstly was the comfrey ointment, I had picked a few leaves and washed them and left them on the counter overnight to dry.  I placed these into the crockpot with 300ml of oil.

I kept that on low for a couple of hours - the comfrey went quite crisp, and the oil a lovely green.  I fished out the comfrey, and then added 30g of beeswax and once that was melted in, I turned off the crockpot and added a couple of drops of vitamin e and about a tsp of tea tree oil.   Then I poured the mixture into two sterilized jars and left to cool.  It should keep in the cupboard, but I think I will store them in the fridge just in case.   My hubby has a damaged tendon in his ankle and I wanted to try this to see if it would help him heal. So guess who is going to get a foot rub every evening!


Onto the next project - making pickled green ginger.  It is mostly used with Japanese dishes. 

Another thing I have been reading about lately is aloe vera - and not just putting it onto your skin, but drinking it!  It is supposed to be very  beneficial for diabetics, and I read that if you remove all of the latex which lies just under the skin there is no bitterness.  I carefully peeled it until there was just the clear gel left.




then I chopped it and added it to a glass of cider vinegar and water.  It was yummy - no bitterness at all.

Sometimes I am glad for the rain as it gives me a chance to get lots of other things done.


Glad to hear from Your achievements! Greetings, antonis.
Hello Antonis, yes the garden keeps me busy
Please let us know about progress with that tendon - I read in the old herbals that Comphrey was used in bone healing, also subcutaneous! A poultice to draw out infection in a wound can be made from equal parts dried Comphrey & salt, drizzled with hot water to make a paste. Bind on with plastic wrap & change at least once a day. Friends who care for lots of horses also used this poultice to heal hard-to-heal wire-cuts on horse-legs. I grew boxes of Comphrey for them & took home truck loads of old horse manure. :-)
Bind on with plastic wrap & change several times a day. Friends who care for lots of horses also used this poultice to heal hard-to-heal wire cuts on horse legs. I grew boxes of dried Comphrey for them & took home truck loads of old horse manure.
Something helped his foot, but he was trying a shoe lift insert as well, so not sure which it was that made the difference. I think it was the comfrey - he thinks the insert lol!
What kind of oil did you use? Besides the tendon, what else do you use the comfrey ointment for?
I used olive oil - I buy the big tins so it is not too expensive, but i think you could use any vegetable oil.

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