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In the beginning

Jun 14, 2012


When I began my gardening journey almost 3 years ago, this blog did not exist, and I began to search the web for any information I could find about building up the soil and starting a new garden.   All I had a was a small garden with a lychee tree in the middle.


I discovered Kitchen Gardeners International and found a wonderful group of very chatty members from all around the globe.   I learnt so much, and every morning would sign in to see what new information I could glean from the very clever gardeners who regularly posted tips and answered questions.  I learned about heirloom plants, lasagne gardening and things like wilt and soap spray to control bugs.  I had found a gardening community!!!  I live in a  remote area so there are not too many gardeners I can discuss things with over the back fence.  I began a blog on site, and then I discovered blogger and created this blog,  and nothing has been the same since!  I do occasionally go back to KGI, but the format has changed.  Like most things in life, there are changes, some good, some bad.

 What has not changed is the founder Roger Doiron's commitment to creating kitchen gardens worldwide.   Kate from Vegetable Vagabond alerted me to the  new program created on KGI called sow it forward.   Please check it out and make a donation if you feel so inclined.   Here is a short slide show to showcase the marvelous work they do. The garden of hope in Goa India

The thought I was left with after viewing that slideshow is how a little bit of inspiration and help in the beginning inspires you to do more, so much more than you initially thought possible.



This is what the lychee tree looks like now after pruning, and I am  going to be busy getting the lovely tropical garden below it back in order.  Luckily this is the tropics, and I have the weather on my side, and thanks to all my online gardening friends I know that gardening involves change.  The leaves will grow back on my tree healthier and happier, and the gutters will stay clean and free of leaves.

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