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Bradford Elementary School Sows It Forward!

Jun 24, 2013

Thanks to a Sow It Forward grant from Kitchen Gardener's International, Bradford Elementary School has revitalized and extended our gardens. We are a school of 200 students grades K-6. Teachers integrate our 15 raised bed gardens into their curriculum, the cafeteria incorporates produce from the garden into school lunches and taste tests of seasonal, healthy foods, and the community uses the gardens during special school events. Produce from the gardens is also donated to the town's food shelf during the summer.

We used the funding from KGI to replace rotting wood in our raised beds, purchase needed garden tools, and to build two mini-hoophouses which will extend the growing season of our gardens so that more food will be grown during the school year. Students helped to build the mini-hoophouses, learning about measuring and design. A parent volunteer also helped with construction - it was a real group effort (see photo showing parent and 2 sixth graders working on a hoophouse)! This spring, we grew lettuce in the hoophouses and pea shoots in uncovered beds. First graders planted and harvested the lettuce, and fourth graders grew the pea shoots. The first grade made a delicious salad with maple balsamic vinagrette and served it to the whole school in a taste test in May. Everyone loved the salad - students were asking for seconds and thirds!

Thank you again to KGI - with your help, Bradford Elementary's gardens are enriching students' learning, building healthy habits, and giving back to the community!

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