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Na Pu'uwai's Kupuna Garden

Jun 04, 2013

Na Pu'uwai's Adult Day Care has received a grant from "Sow it Forward" Program enabling us to start a table garden for our senior clients and their families.  With these "no bending", handi-cap accessible gardens, our clients are able to get outdoor exercise, therapeutic activity and fresh produce from the garden, straight to the table.  Having fresh vegetables and herbs that they have grown themselves incorporated into meals, has aided appetite and proper nutrition. 

Our enclosed garden area grows basil, thyme, lettuce, bell peppers, sweet peppers, tomatoes, green onion, sweet onions, papaya, radish, eggplant, and flowers.  Our first production of radishes has been added to daily lunches in salads and slaws.  One of the clients has been inspired by our recent harvest, and using the radish to make Namasu (pickled radish) for the seniors at our center.

This garden has been a success that can not only be shown in the amount of food it has produced for our clients and their families, but also in the ability to spark curiosity and pride in our clients.  They eagerly await the harvest of the many other vegetable, herbs and flowers.

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