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KGI Annual Report - 2011

KGI 's activities in 2011 fell into the following three categories

  1. Education: teaching people nationally and internationally how to grow, preserve and cook their own healthy and environmentally-responsible food through courses, presentations, traditional and new media.

  2. Networking and partnership: helping gardeners and food/garden projects and causes to connect with each other in order to build their capacity, dig more gardens, and feed more people healthy, environmentally-responsible foods.

  3. Public relations and advocacy: working to promote the role that kitchen gardens can play in a healthy and sustainable society, raising their profile through media outreach and creative advocacy campaigns and protecting the right to garden when it is threatened.

Here are some of the year's highlights:


March: KGI launches its Fork It Over campaign to raise funds and online awareness for kitchen gardens. Our campaign attracts the attention and support of a number of people in the good food and social media sectors including Chef Anne Cooper, actress Alicia Silverstone, and online marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk.


July: KGI partners with the Organic Agriculture Centre of Kenya to fund organic gardening trainings for new gardeners and current farmers wishing to transition to organic methods.  The trainings reached over 140 participants teaching them about how health can be enhanced and hunger reduced through home gardening.


July: Julie Bass, a mother of 6 from Oak Park, Michigan, is threatened with a 93 day jail sentence for having planted a tidy, raised-bed vegetable garden in her frontyard. Working in partnership with other online garden activists, KGI takes up Julie's cause urging KGI members to contact Oak Park officials.  Hundreds of calls are made, emails sent and petition signatures are collected.  Feeling the heat, Oak Park officials back down and allow Julie to keep her garden.


August: World Kitchen Garden Day is celebrated by different people and groups around the world in different ways. Here, gardeners in Tasmania, Australia are shown taking a walking tour of gardens in their community.


August: A Kitchen Garden Day gathering in Mumbai, India. These eager KG Day revelers may look dry in this picture, but they spent the better part of their celebration dodging raindrops!


July: KGI enters and wins Rachael Ray's "Edible Nation" contest. The contest received hundreds of entries from across the US for a variety of dishes and our entry for a simple garden-grown salad received the most votes. We wanted to use the contest as another platform for showing the contribution that kitchen gardens can make to making our world more healthy, sustainable and edible.


September: KGI founder, Roger Doiron, was the final speaker of the day at the 2nd annual TEDxDirigo conference organized in Portland, Maine on September 10th. His talk was entitled "A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard." 


September:  Just when you think the "right to garden" in urban and suburban settings is safe, another threat emerges.  In September, it wasn't a mother facing possible charges for frontyard gardening but a high school teacher who was using his garden to teach youths from his neighborhood about soil ecology, composting and beekeeping.  The gardener in question, Adam Guerrero, was cited for his garden and told he needed to remove it.  Once again, KGI members took to their computers and phones to fight for the right to garden. KGI played a leading role in this case by producing a YouTube video called "Stand By Adam Guerrero" which had over 2000 views in two weeks and helped mobilize hundreds of new people to take up Adam's cause.  Ultimately, the pressure worked as the judge in the case ruled that Adam could keep his frontyard garden citing the huge amount of support for Adam that was communicated to him. 


October-December: KGI's "Subversive Plot" TED talk goes viral attracting coverage in the New York Times, Washington Post, Treehugger, boingboing and countless other blogs.  The icing on the homegrown carrot cake was spread in late December when the video was featured on the homepage sending the video's view counter over 200,000.


Financial Report

Foundations and institutional donors 51,000
Individual donors 19,469

Donations from businesses 3,500

Interest income 177
Other 161
Total revenues 74,307

Program-related costs 73,180
Administrative costs 6,563

Fundraising costs 5,032
Total expenses 84,755
Change in Net Assets (10,467)
Net Assets, Beginning of Year 57,209
Net Assets End of the Year 46,742

Institutional supporters:
In 2011, KGI received the support of the Amy P. Goldman Foundation, the Helianthus Trust, and the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation.


Board, staff and volunteers:
KGI’s board consisted of Jan Maes (New Hampshire), Preeti Patil (India), Roger Doiron (Maine), David Buchanan (Maine), Kate Flint (Australia) and Maya Howard (Maine). Roger Doiron continued to staff KGI in 2011 on a full-time basis. KGI enjoyed the support of volunteer writers, bloggers, photographers, computer whizzes, and event organizers from around the globe.



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Praise for KGI:

"A group that can get
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-Mother Nature Network

"One of the web's best sources of gardening info"
-Washington Post 

"The meeting place of the world's gardeners"
-WorldWatch Institute

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