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elljeedub asked a question 
Do Anise Hyssop plants (in the mint family) need to be plucked/pruned at the top to make them bushier?
johannagreen blogged  

Our garlic harvest came early this year, but was a really nice one.  I grow mostly soft neck...

ca posted a status update 
I finally planted tomato starts last weekend. This late spring, we have been having weather that is 10 degrees below normal, so I am currently tenting the tomatoes with row cover. Even though it's cold, I'm going to go ahead and plant pole beans today. Hopefully, we'll get through our unseasonably cold weather soon!
SunnyBlooms asked a question 
Can I re-plant in the same spot?
ColleenD posted a status update 
My garden is all just about planted now. Worried about late blight on the tomatoes.
ShanazAshfaq blogged  

Planted tomatoes.though small area but it was good start.Just ouside my bedroom window,in the...

Roger Doiron blogged  
America's Subsidy Garden

With the First Lady's White House Kitchen Garden book launch cooling down and the federal Farm...

gally13kms asked a question 
Hi all!! I have green beans started (I know...a little late, but I live in Colorado). I have these little black winged bugs all over the underside of the leaves. Can anyone tell me what they are and/or how to get rid of them? This is my first shot at an outdoor garden, and I would really like it to be successful! thank you!
shepherd’s purse

They’re called poor people’s foods. Plants foraged by starving folk and scavenged when crops...

Miss Lady Bug blogged  

Is your garden buggy?  We all want organic gardens teeming with beneficial insects.  They...




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