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ca posted a status update 
Thanks for all your suggestions on the greenhouse. Like the idea of the polycarbonate roof and glass sides and enjoyed the slide show of the Fletcher family's greenhouse. Will look into local companies as suggested. Antonis, I'm also interested in building coldframes and liked the idea of using the PE foil.
FletcherFamily shared an image 
Apple Arch by the back door
rvisser shared an image 
hairy vetch image

I love the idea of a spring tonic. After a winter of roots, grains and deer jerky, the human...

PenelopeReedy posted a status update 
just picked some volunteer spinach, am going back for young onions after i blend the dressing.
antonis asked a question 
What do you do when organic methods fail to correct a problem?
Rusto asked a question 
What natural methods can I use to control caterpillars?
joyesq shared an image 
reblacka posted a status update 
We're going to announce programming next week for the Urban Agriculture Summit in Toronto - visit our website and learn more about how you can gains skills to increase urban ag in your community! www.urbanagsummit.org
Roger Doiron shared an image 
Maine foods for May




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