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Jubilee Women’s Center in Seattle, Washington, USA was thrilled to receive a grant from Kitchen...

Manuel came to the United States in 1979 from Guanajuato, Mexico. He worked for many years ...

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Lyman Moore has recently used the KGI grant money to purchase and assemble materials for a hoop house! Students measured and planned for hoop house placement, pounded rebar into the ground for stability of hoops, glue pvc together for arches, and set arches on rebar. Now we are ready for our next seed starting season to cover the hoops with 6mil plastic and get an early start on our spring growing season. Thank you KGI!
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We wrapped up a successful Spring at the Ecology School with nearly 2,000 students participating in our residential programs and learning about food systems in our Dining Hall through skits and songs like our parody “Compost Baby”. From late April through the close of the season in June, students were able to harvest produce weekly for use in the dining hall. Of the residential students nearly ¼ (457) participated in garden based lessons that...
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Charlie Corson is a Waller Mill park attendant who once owned a successful landscaping company...

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The Benton Elementary School Garden didn't fare very well over the winter, the weeds did. ...

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A group of neighbors celebrate after turning a front lawn into food-producing garden beds.

I am new to the Belfast Maine area and have been looking for ways to connect with other folks in...


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