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Sophia in the Pantry Garden

Sophia Durall has a close and vital relationship to the Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development...

ttstag926 asked a question 
What are companion plants?

The WIC Wahiawa Community Garden located on Oahu has been expanded thanks to the Kitchen...

CharlesFrazer posted a status update 
New to the Gardening Area but did some when younger. Grocery store Fruits greens and vegetables scare me. Starting to help make people in my area (A campground) aware of ways to grow their own in confined spaces with limited space available.
Growing Food Forward shared an image 
3-year old Maggie helped move that bucket of compost and worked through emptying it herself!

This student started with some experience in gardening from home which she expressed was some of...

Growing Food Forward shared an image 
3-year old Maggie with her co-volunteers in the almost complete Children's Learning Gardens in Rifle, CO. (Tonight we finish filling the 2 remaining self-wicking raised beds and keyhole garden and wood-chip the paths so the cardboard weed barrier is no longer visible. Maggie won't be there tonight though because she has a baby brother as of yesterday morning!)
Growing Food Forward shared an image 
One of 3-year old Maggie's favorite things to do is water and she's looking for the spot where she left off!
Growing Food Forward shared an image 
3-year old Maggie wants the gardens built and planted so she can deliver produce to others so she jumped in and helped cement the donated 1800's bricks in the keyhole garden!
Growing Food Forward shared an image 
3-year old Maggie loves the worms she dug out of the compost. (We built a worm farm at Yampah Mountain High School using part of our KGI grant.)




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