You can grow your own food. And we can help!
antonis asked a question 
What do you do when organic methods fail to correct a problem?
Rusto asked a question 
What natural methods can I use to control caterpillars?
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We're going to announce programming next week for the Urban Agriculture Summit in Toronto - visit our website and learn more about how you can gains skills to increase urban ag in your community!
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Maine foods for May
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I am a beginner gardener and new to Minnesota. I would love to here specifics of the garden tasks you are accomplishing right now or planning for the next week, so I can get going! If you tell me what you are doing, that will help me know what I can be doing, too! Thanks! If you have a blog about gardening in Minnesota, please post the link! Plus: I would love to hear your thoughts on growing my crops of interest (keep in mind I'm a newbie...
MinneapolisMama asked a question 
What tasks should I be doing now?

For the beginning gardener, having ready access to good foundational gardening books can be...

ca asked a question 
We are going to install a greenhouse this year. We have a small piece of property, so can't use anything bigger than 6 X 8. Can anyone recommend good resources or companies? Any opinions on polycarbonate vs glass? Wood vs aluminum frame? I live in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.), so it rarely gets below 20 degrees in winter.
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Potato planting always seems to mark a definitive start to spring gardening for me.  ...




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