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tbirdnm posted a status update 
Step-by-step primer for starting a sustainable gardening project at your own college! Please check out: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1384247339/santa-fe-community-colleg..." Together, students nationwide can get the grant funding necessary to do their own projects. Help us, help you. Let's start an educational agricultural...
lana asked a question 
I bought spring bulbs from the store and they are flowering already. It is February in Pennsylvania so Can I transfer those outside to my garden or is it too early. I haven't planted those before.
tbirdnm posted a status update 
Kickstarter project for a documentary film on the creation of a sustainable garden for the Culinary Arts Dept of our local Santa Fe Community College needs backers! 15 days to go to start an educational agricultural revolution, nationwide! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1384247339/santa-fe-community-colleg..."
JudithMoran posted a status update 
Anyone know where I can obtain Marshall strawberry plants? If you've got a a few runners to share, I'll gladly purchase some from you. Thanks for considering!
parksplace7 posted a status update 
Just moved here, starting a garden from scratch. Much too wet to do anything yet. Soil is very poor, probably acid. Must get a sample to test.
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hello good day i am new on this site but i am welling to be part it and know more about KGI and i a very interested thank you
emz posted a status update 
hello good day i am new on this site but i am welling to be part it and know more about KGI and i a very interested thank you
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Have a fresh Juice from Watermelon




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