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Take a look at these tomatoes. They are growing in my garden but I didn't plant them.  They just started popping up in my raised bed.  The February cold snap killed the others but this one must be pretty hardy to have survived three nights of frost. I'm curious as to how the seeds were sown.   They most likely came from the compost pile.  Looks like a Better Boy tomato plant I grew last year that was enormous in size.  They are beauties and I'm not complaining!  Update 4/19/12:  It is a Better Boy!  Here is
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Most people love a great massage.   It is a method of relaxation and healing.   It’s known to...

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Do you usually have an over abundance of cherry tomatoes?  Drying them is another wonderful way...

In case you missed the First Lady doing the "Top 10 List" on the David Letterman show, here are...

quiltjoe1 asked a question 
This is the second year for our strawberry bed and it is so overcrowded. When do we thin it out and how far apart should each plant be.
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My friends love this herb butter and so do I.  It's made with fresh dill and real butter.  Yes...

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This is my first year growing lemon cucumbers and boy are they delicious. They are very crisp...

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This is for my friends who have been inquiring about cooking sunflower heads.  Apparently, the taste compares to that of an artichoke heart but with an added earthy flavor.  Braising sunflowers is new to me and it has definitely piqued my interest.

This is for my friends who have been inquiring about cooking sunflower heads.  Apparently, the...

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University Idaho Master Gardener, organic gardener, bee keeper. Fan of vegetables and perennials.
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How does one plant egyptian walking onions?




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