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kittyrosey posted a status update 
Hello! Glad to find this site!
LuminSteyn posted a status update 
hallo all this looks great ,happy to be here
Guerrilla Gardener posted a status update 
Strawberries are starting to blossom and the asparagus is up. Perrenial herbs, bulbs and flowers are thriving despite cold weather this past week. very exciting.
4gordonb posted a status update 
This year we used organic tomato and pepper plants and have seen dramatic differences in health, growth, and fruit.
Grower posted a status update 
Had disappointing pea germination so far. :( Lettuces, radishes, turnips and salsify are going great guns, though! :)

Last week we decided to dig out a 10 x25 foot space in the front yard for a vegetable garden ....

PenelopeReedy posted a status update 
during our false spring week, my tulips bolted into bloom and quit - thunk! too fast. lilacs are starting to bloom now, another short spell. nighttime temperatures are back in the 30s, so we're back to a reasonable sweater-weather spring. i hope the fruit hasn't been ruined. the bees were busy.
gcard24 posted a status update 
Rain rain and more rain :(
BrotherJoseph blogged  

Because of Amaranth's use in religious rituals, the Spanish forbade it's cultivation. People had...

AndSewOn blogged  

We are a family of 5 (Mum, Dad & 3 girls aged 15 & 10 & 7, and Tigger the cat who is...




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