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peach thinning
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Thomas Jefferson quote
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I believe my rhubarbs have crown rot. They looked healthy a few days ago, but the stems are going soft and rotting through. I'm wondering if I planted them too deep?
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34,000 acres of new farmland needed per day


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What can I grow with very limited space and sunshine?
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Just received my copy of What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden? It's very informative. I would recommend it, too, especially for a beginning gardener. It is definitely a "go to" book for common problems.
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How do I save rape mustard seed?
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earth worms

Yesterday, while loosening the soil in one of my raised beds, I was suddenly overwhelmed with...

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Any suggestions as to how to organically deter grubs and caterpillars from the tomato plants? It is frustrating when these crawlers bore into the green tomatoes and any advice would be appreciated.
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