You can grow your own food. And we can help!
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Also looking for other forums to join to research. Young and motivated to learn, interested in hydroponic, bubbleponics, soil gardening.
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Trying to set up a KGI group in Kolkata, India. Any suggestions where to start?
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neighbors with small children have had fun the past few summers planting spuds and pulling corn, competing with 'coons and squishing tomato worms!
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Anyone experienced with teaching families with no gardening experience to grow in small spaces economically? Some ladies at a local low income housing projects noticed their Hmong neighbors and want help. They are allowed to replace existing shrubs and lawns! They have doors on the south and north, so the experienced gardeners have nice beds. The best method I have found is Food4Wealth. Anything better?
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Castorio commented on Growing Organic Apple Trees

I’m not an expert on growing apples, but I’ve been fortunate to be around apple trees for most... commented on Light Requirements of Various Vegetables
winter solstice

As the Northern Hemisphere creeps ever closer to the shortest day of the year, it seems like a... asked a question 
I live near the cost in Southern California (Long Beach) and had these beautiful berries crop up near my black raspberries. It looks like the black currants that my grandmother used to pick. Not sure. Help!?!?




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