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MinneapolisMama asked a question 
What tasks should I be doing now?

For the beginning gardener, having ready access to good foundational gardening books can be...

ca asked a question 
We are going to install a greenhouse this year. We have a small piece of property, so can't use anything bigger than 6 X 8. Can anyone recommend good resources or companies? Any opinions on polycarbonate vs glass? Wood vs aluminum frame? I live in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.), so it rarely gets below 20 degrees in winter.
johannagreen blogged  

Potato planting always seems to mark a definitive start to spring gardening for me.  ...

david e kelley blogged  

This is interesting information especially for those starting a new garden plot.


Africanaussie posted a status update 
I live in the tropical north of Australia, and have found those plastic bins to be the best thing in the tropics. I stir it up with a garden fork a couple of times a week, and it is always quite hot. I dig the completed compost out of the bottom door a couple of times a year, digging deep into the ground, so that the space if approximately doubled, and the compost that falls down into the hole is full of earthworms and sits there quite happily...
rvisser shared an image 
giant lady beetle
rvisser shared an image 
use cold frame as propagation bed
Rusto asked a question 
I have a 5X10 spot in our community garden, so far I have planned it out using the Kitchen Garden Planner and the Square Foot method, I was just wondering if this will be the most efficient way to grow and utilize most of the space that I have??
ColleenD posted a status update 
Greetings fellow gardeners: What do you have planted? I've got cabbage and cauliflower in. Lettuce and radishes are up.




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