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I live near the cost in Southern California (Long Beach) and had these beautiful berries crop up near my black raspberries. It looks like the black currants that my grandmother used to pick. Not sure. Help!?!?
I am trying to grow basil and parsely inside (from seeds) and they are very weak and leggy and seem to have stopped growing, what do I need to do to get them to be strong and flourish? I have them in a sunny window; but it is winter here, do I need a flourecent light or a warmer spot?
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Eager to exchange ideas with others in Puerto Rico...
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How can I grow a large variety of vegetables in my home? What do I need? Can I grow carrots next to lettuce etc... First time trying this out, I need HELP!

Luke Skywalker vs the Death Star. Forest Gump vs Low Expectations. Babe the Pig vs the Frying...

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homemade hot pepper sauce

Tabasco sauce is the brand name for a hot pepper sauce produced in Avery Island, Louisiana.  You...

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school garden checklist

Starting a new school garden is one of the most rewarding projects a gardener can undertake, but...

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I have just started to receive seed catalogs this year. I used to order organic seed from The Cook's Garden, but hadn't for several years, so I was surprised to receive their catalog. It looked glossy and big, compared to what I remembered. Yes, indeed. It is now owned by Burpee.




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