You can grow your own food. We can help.
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ahhh update... was looking for this box...right under my nose...

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Perhaps I am missing something... it seems like there should be a better means searching or browsing recipes. Anybody got one?

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Leaves, root, flowers, fruit

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The test site never recognizes my password. I have to re-set it each time I log in.

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Are you a member of a volunteer organization associated with horticulture? Do you see aging...

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Muskwa: Feed them at half strength with fish emulsion. Give them more light... move them closer or add more bulbs.

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I was unable to log in with KGI password did however log in with Facebook. Will not save a new avatar picture however. Site seems wonderful though...still exploring.

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What would people recommend for my onions? I started them from seed but they are sort of floppy. They are under lights but they don't look like they will be ready to go outside any time soon. Should I feed them?
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Hot pepper harvest.


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