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If you have not started your spring peas yet, its about time in most of the continental US....

Mei Qing Choi and Yukina Savoy

I love to eat greens of all kinds, and they are a staple food on my menu. And as a gardener, I...

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What companies or organizations do you trust to get your seeds?
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My garden plan for the day... weeding, weeding, weeding! The long sunny bed in the back will get pulled all up this weekend and next (with my little helpers - aka kiddos - helping me a bit, it should go pretty quickly!). And I'm going to pick out which transplant seeds to put in, which we'll probably do Tuesday afternoon. I am looking forward to seeing all those little beauties pop up! It's got to be my favorite part of gardening... except for...
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I'm ready to start the garden up for the year! I have my round bed in the front that I've decided to turn into a perennial bed -- this will be almost exclusively strawberries and asparagus, with a bit of rhubarb and borage mixed in with it. I managed to pick up an awesome used staircase plant stand at a yard sale a couple weeks back, and that is now gracing the middle of the bed with plant holders containing some deeeelish sugar snaps that the...
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As a member in Cityplot Amsterdcam I want to start a vertical gardening fence. Who's interested, please send ideas!!!
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I did it.... I finally broke down and created a Twitter page. I have to say, though, I have really been enjoying using my Pinterest account, though! What an awesome and yet simple service! on Twitter on Pinterest
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So many ways to make good bone broth.

Here's the easy way I do it, with appreciation to...






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