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You can help KGI win a grant for $5000 for school and community gardens by voting for our...

dcharm2 asked a question 
just registered with KGI; I would like to know what I need as products to start growing as survival foods that can be preserved for survival food? Basically what seeds do I buy to begin growing?
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A couple more issues: blog and question titles/links aren't appearing in the forum view. We'll need them so that people know what's being discussed and have something to click on.
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Are there going to be any activites held for World Kitchen Garden Day in Georgia, USA or New York City? Please contact me. Thanks.
Roger Doiron posted a status update 
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Working on a budget at the moment

Hi everyone!  Roger said it would be cool if I let you know about my new organic gardening book...

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Which is better: hot or cold composting?
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After weeks at 40*C / 104*F and beyond, we are down at 30*C / 86*F. The pundits promise this will hold for a few days. A most welcome break! Cool!
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What do you do when organic methods fail to correct a problem?
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So many ways to make good bone broth.

Here's the easy way I do it, with appreciation to...




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