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Now that the hustle and bustle of holiday meals and baking is over, you might be starting to...

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I am residing in north of North India that is Palampur town of Himachal Pradesh. Got interest in growing flowers and vegetables. Specially interested in Begonias and cyclamens. Of course other collections are also there, along with a lawn and some 20 rose varieties. Symbidiums, wistarias, bleeding heart , some geraniums and so on. Will like to share some ideas with others.

Growing your own vegetables not only saves you money at the grocery store but also provides your...

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Have you tried the new iOS app LikeThat Garden? Take a photo of a flower, and it tells you the flower's name and shows you similar-looking flowers you may like. I've been having a lot of fun identifying my house plants! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/likethat-garden-flower-identification/id...
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Saturday the 7th is Food Is Free day. An initiative started in Australia that encourages people to stop wasting food and share with their neighbourhood. It will be every season. For winter people leave out cans and herbs and what you can with a sign that says Food is Free and post a pic on this site. The originator of the idea that has gone global https://www.facebook.com/...
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Ideas for Backyard Greenhouse: Built in my greenhouse. 1. Build a raised grow boxes with...

Cold storage room

Hello, To preserve my kitchen vegetable and store my canning, i built a ...




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