You can grow your own food. We can help.
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There are two special environmental events in the US for us as Kitchen Gardners in the US to...

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The leaves on my tomatillo plants have been turning yellow and dropping off. They're both still setting fruit and the fruit seems to be growing, but I'm worried the plants have some sort of virus. I thought at first they were just reacting to all the rain we've had recently, but fertilizing is not helping. Anyone know what this...
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Kitchen garden activity at lowest ebb.Scorching heat and water shortage with day day time temperature reaching 42 -44 F.Waiting for monsoon to bring back life .
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What is this fruit?
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My garden gets away on me. By August plants on paths are taller than the beds. I admit it, I...

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When I began my gardening journey almost 3 years ago, this blog did not exist, and I...

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Not doing well this year at all.
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What would keep Swiss chard from sprouting?
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