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What are the optimum widths and lengths for garden beds?
K9FindM asked a question 
What are the optimum widths and lengths for garden beds?
K9FindM asked a question 
Questions! - Depth of beds - living in PA and wondering if I can go with 2"x12" boards and if I should go 24" deep or if 12" is deep enough for my raised beds. Also, what should I use to fill them with? What type of mix? Can I used gravel at the base for drainage? Should I be lining the very bottom of the beds with screen to...
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My area that I have designated for the garden is 56' x 33'. I plan to keep a at least a 3' edge along the long side to mow and and keep the horses from reaching over, plus a 3' edge on the bottom of the short side for the same reason. I also don't plan to "use" the entire area my first year as I believe that will be a little overwhelming and a lot of work to get started. I am looking for suggestions on help and hoping some others can chime in...
Africanaussie commented on For Easy To Grow Greens, Think Asian
Mei Qing Choi and Yukina Savoy

I love to eat greens of all kinds, and they are a staple food on my menu. And as a gardener, I...

Africanaussie commented on Seed Starting with Mini Greenhouses
mini plastic greenhouses

Even though for the most part starting plants from seeds is fairly easy, sometimes the seeds...

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Brimming with rich flavor and texture, this conserve will brighten your breakfast table.  ...

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Who wouldn't like a sweet garden pea called Green Arrow?  This heirloom should be included in...

Rich Sweetness 132 melons are delicious little gems.  This variety puts out small fruits that...

For some gardeners, growing a great crop of Brussels sprouts can be a little intimidating. The...




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